Top most benefits of physical therapy

Top most benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy is not always everybody’s first choice of treatment. Mostly, people who have suffered injuries and people with chronic pain or restricted mobility prefer surgery to physical therapy as it is believed that surgery is a faster and more effective option to treat the problem. However, most primary care doctors refer patients to a physical therapist as the first course of action, because it is the least intrusive & effective approach.

Physical therapy helps people restore or improve mobility, at times addressing pain. Physical therapists help patient better function in their daily lives and improve overall health.

 But that’s not all. Physical therapy also has several other benefits as well that can prove to be as effective as other courses of treatment, or even better. Here are some such of the advantages of physical therapy-


Physical therapy after surgery and physical therapy treatment to recover from an injury are two very common reasons. In both of these cases, the body is likely in a fragile state and requires consistent therapy over weeks or months to recover. Physical therapists goal is to get patients back to feeling like themselves so they can safely return to normal function and normal activities.


There are some conditions that can be appropriately and fully addressed by a physical therapist such as lower back conditions, meniscal tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis to name a few, physical therapy has actually been found to be as effective as surgery.


In situations where surgery is needed, a specialized type of physical therapy called prehabilitation can help prepare your body for a better post-operative recovery. 

Completing a prehabilitation physical therapy program prior to surgery helps to not only maximizes your range of motion and strength, but it will also enhance your understanding of the recovery process after surgery. 


Many people are working from home from the last several months due to the pandemic, many have inadvertently adopted a more sedentary lifestyle. As a result, back, neck and knee pain are on the rise. 

Proper stretching, tailored exercises and posture while seated all play a critical role in helping reduce and eliminate your bodily pain in these areas. Physical therapists can help resolve your chronic pain and teach you how to prevent it from recurring.

Physical therapy for back pain has been recommended as an ideal alternative treatment to potentially addictive opioids. 

Daily neck stretches can help alleviate mild to moderate cases of neck and shoulder pain. But if your condition becomes chronic or worsens, you may consider physical therapy for neck pain.

Some of our patients with knee pain see significant improvement with dry needling, while others prefer traditional physical therapy for knee pain treatment. 


Often conditions like vertigo and being prone to falling are able to be completely resolved with vestibular physical therapy. Physical therapits employ specific forms of exercise, varied techniques and training to reduce functional impairments and improve patients’ quality of life.


Physical therapy is a great choice as it provides a conservative approach that can tremendously help in addressing pelvic pain symptoms. 

A combination of manual therapy, gentle exercise, behavioral modification, etc., is usually offered and treatment is tailored to your specific needs. 


 Physical therapy can be recommended to those who are recovering from an injury and need to strengthen their movements. This can include anyone who has suffered from an accident or condition that has caused mobility issues that impact their daily lives. PT can also be used on a more long-term basis if a patient is considered to be at high risk of re-injuring themselves. People who play sports or have physically demanding jobs may be some of the patients who would utilize this service.

Why choose Physical Therapy First 

Physical therapy is so much more than treating patients who have experienced an injury or are rehabilitating after surgery. 

SOS PHYSIO Rehab’s physical therapists are trained to evaluate the body as a whole for a multitude of physical health conditions and develop personalized treatment plans. We pride ourselves on fostering welcoming and supportive environments in our clinics, where we treat our patients like family. 

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