What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is the irritation or inflammation of the bursa.  A human body consists of 150 bursae. The bursa is a small sac filled with fluid, located between tissues such as bone, tendons, muscle & skin that decrease rubbing, friction, and irritation.

Common locations for this disease are in the shoulder, hips, elbow, ankles & thighs but you may also have bursitis by your knee, heel and the base of your big toe. It is a painful condition that mostly occurs near joints that perform frequent repetitive motion.



Some of the most common causes of bursitis are due to repetitive motions or positions that put pressure on the bursae around a joint. Some of them are stated as follows-

  • Lifting something over your head repeatedly
  • Poor stretching
  • Leaning on your elbows for long periods
  • Incorrect posture
  • Extensive kneeling for tasks
  • Injury to the joint
  • Trauma to the affected area
  • Inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis & gout.



If you have bursitis, the affected joint might:

  • Pain that increases with movement or pressure
  • Pain while you move it or press on it
  • Pain, inflammation & tenderness
  • Swelling & stiffness
  • Redness in the affected area
  • Thickening of your bursae
  • Tenderness, even without movement
  • Loss of movement
  • Fever
  • Affected area feels hot when touched


Physical therapy treatment for Bursitis at SOS PHYSIO

Physical therapist at SOS PHYSIO will help in strengthening the muscles in the affected area to ease pain and prevent recurrence.

There are many physical therapy treatments such as Manual therapy & Active Release Techniques (ART) are found to be very effective in treating this type of disorder.
For more information- Contact your local SOS PHYSIO clinic

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