Delay in surgery due to COVID?

Read how physical therapy can help

In the current scenario, there are many inpatient & outpatient surgeries that are being postponed or delayed due to a spike in COVID cases and consequential staffing shortage. During these delays, patients are not required to sit back and suffer while waiting for their surgery rather they should go for physical therapy to get relief. Physical therapy can be a proactive method to reduce pain while increasing mobility and function until surgery takes place.

At SOS Physio Rehab, we provide our patients with a full spectrum of care for a faster and stronger recovery with pre-operative care.

Pre-Op Therapy Value

Pre-op physical therapy plans are tailor-made and can differ from one to another patient, but they are designed to enhance a patient’s general health prior to a major surgery that can include:

Resistance Training

  • Warmup
  • Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Functional Tasks
  • Flexibility Training
  • Telehealth (if required)

Patient Results

Participants in preoperative exercise programs can improve their postoperative outcomes.

A recent study found that a high-intensity strength training program for patients scheduled to undergo knee replacement decreased pain and improved lower limb muscle strength and range of motion before surgery. The training resulted in a shorter hospital stay followed by a faster physical and functional recovery after knee replacement.

In another study, patients undergoing spinal surgery who had pre-habilitation achieved key recovery milestones in half the time as those without pre-habilitation.

Pre-surgery therapy allows you to physically gear up for a procedure and reduces complications after.

Waiting for surgery is also extremely stressful and troubling for most patients, who do not view their conditions as non-urgent. There is no need to wait for your cure. If your surgery has been delayed due to COVID and you want to stay active and pain-free leading up to surgery, contact SOS Physio Rehab for a consultation and find out how we can help you!

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