Geriatric Physical therapy

Growing old is a natural part of life and the aging process is inevitable. Our body functions change as we age. No matter how big or small these changes might be, it is undeniable that one’s physical health will decline with time. Aging can bring about unique health issues, including musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neurological. As one age, an overlap of these three categories may happen, leading to co-morbidities (coexistence of multiple health ailments).

It is important to understand the challenges faced by people as they age and recognizes that there are preventative measures that can place yourself (or a loved one) on a path of healthy aging, aiming at improving one’s functional abilities and preventing further decline in physical performance.

For those who have difficulties seeking out guided rehabilitation, SOS PHYSIO Rehab can be a great alternative to consider.

Physical Therapy for the Elderly

For older adults, being able to perform their physical tasks in daily life are essential starting points for treatments. It is important to note that geriatric physical therapy does not aim to ensure outstanding bodily function, as this is not the priority. Instead, it serves to promote independence in activities of daily living whilst maintaining functional status. Treatment often includes the assessment of one’s functional impairments and general mobility, alongside exercises, education, and behavioral interventions to assist with restoring mobility, strength, balance, and pain alleviation.

Ultimately, physical therapy is the most effective measure as you have a trained professional to guide the elderly patient. The value that a trained physical therapist provides is incomparable to that of a non-trained caregiver.

Physical Therapy at SOS PHYSIO Rehab

Physical therapy has a vital role in the elderly and their health. That said, assisting the elderly in their physical therapy journey requires much more care and attention as their body does not heal as well and as fast as younger age groups. To ensure that it is done safely, seeking rehabilitative specialist expertise is encouraged.

At SOS PHYSIO Rehab, we are dedicated to providing you with the support you need along the rehabilitation journey. With a team of well-trained physical therapists, you can enjoy tailored physical therapy services that are designed to help combat the effects of aging.

We will work with you to restore and improve your bodily function, to make way for optimal functional independence.

Book an appointment with us today and let us be on this journey with you together.

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