Hip Pain When Squatting

Do you experience hip pain when squatting?  Well, it turns out, you are not alone! The hip is one of the most common areas of pain in individuals who exercise. The pain is like a deep “pinch” in the front or back of the hip, which occurs at the bottom of the squat called as femoroacetabular impingement or FAI. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, it is important to have a combination of flexibility and stability throughout the body to perform a squat without pain. 


·         Poor core stability

Poor core stability during a squat presents itself as excessive arching of the low back throughout the squat. The body will naturally go into a position that is easiest for it to move through. In this situation, if the core is having difficulty bracing, the low back will arch. This excessive arching of the low back tilts the pelvis forward, which leads to impingement of the hip joint.

·         Hip flexibility

In order to fully squat without pain, there is a certain amount of hip flexibility is required. If the hip is too stiff, there may not be enough room in the hip joint to allow for proper joint mechanics. Conversely, if the hip has too much flexibility, the muscles will have more difficulty controlling the squat. 

·         Ankle stiffness

The flexibility of the ankle is one of the most important factors that can lead to hip impingement. If there is stiffness with bending the ankle, your body will compensate by leaning forward at the hip to stay balanced.

Treat with physical therapy

Treatment for hip pain depends on the cause. Some causes, like a pinched or irritated nerve or a slight sprain, may go away with time. You might not need treatment.

In many cases, physical therapy may help to treat hip pain. You can do exercises to help strengthen your hip and knee joints. You may also need to improve core strength in your back and abdomen. This helps to keep your hip joint balanced when walking and running.

The great news is that this pain does not have to limit you from reaching your goals. At SOS PHYSIO Rehab, we will fully assess the issues you are experiencing, and work with you to decrease your pain, keep you training, and help you reach your goals!

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