Joints popping and cracking

Joints popping and cracking

Joint popping and cracking sounds can cause a lot of worries and may lead to negative health beliefs concerning the crepitations. Joint cracking is a popping sound that occurs as a result of tissues rubbing together abnormally. This sound results from an abnormal interaction between air, fluid, or bone. Joint crepitus is when rough surfaces in a joint rub together & result in a popping and crackling sound or an irregular feeling in your joint.

Joint crepitus or cracking is often the result of arthritis or any other previous joint injury. However, a crackling or popping sound and irregular feeling in your joint can also result from the presence of air in the tissues. Crepitus due to arthritis or joint problems can be a sign of chronic disease or joint damage.

What causes joints cracking or joint popping?

Joint cracking & popping can be due to tendons snapping over bony protuberances. Or it can be that inside the joints of our body when the bones move on one another, they can create a vacuum that causes a collapse of gas bubbles within the synovial fluid. While most crepitus is harmless, some forms of crepitus signal a problem. Causes of painful joint popping may include:

  • Tendons or ligaments snapping over the joint’s bony structures. This snapping sometimes causes pain.
  • Air bubbles popping inside the joint. This popping does not cause pain.
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS): causes crepitus along with pain behind the kneecap (patella).
  • Arthritis—causes a joint’s articular cartilage to degenerate.
  • Torn cartilage: a cartilage tear can happen because of a sports injury, a fall, or an accident.

When to seek help?

If the crepitus is getting worse or is accompanied by a sharp pain concordant with the joint crepitation that is bothersome, or if you feel the joint has suddenly become less mobile secondary to a joint noise then it’s time to see a doctor.

Physical therapy at SOS PHYSIO Rehab

If your joint noise has been making you feel uneasy, then please make a visit at SOS PHYSIO Rehab.

Our physical therapists are qualified health care professionals who are experienced in assessing joints of the human body.  There are many physical therapy treatments such as manual therapy & active release techniques (art) that are found to be very effective in treating this type of disorder.
For more information- contact your local SOS PHYSIO clinic.

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