Prevent Spinal Stenosis from getting worse

Prevent Spinal Stenosis from getting worse

Prevent Spinal Stenosis from getting worse

Spinal stenosis impacts the life of around half a million people in the United States alone, with that number expecting to grow as the population gets older. Because spinal stenosis gets more likely as people grow older, the issue with it becomes less of prevention, and more of management.

How to manage spinal stenosis-

Spinal stenosis is characterized by the narrowing of gaps between vertebrae in the spinal column. This can lead to plenty of acute & chronic symptoms, but it mostly manifests in sharp attacks of pain & inflammation. Treatment options are more focused on prevention and pain management, though there are some that can provide more permanent results. Here are some ways you can use to treat spinal stenosis and its symptoms:

1. Physical therapy

For most cases of spinal stenosis, the most effective way of management would be physical therapy. The goal of these activities is to strengthen the body and allow it to move more comfortably. The effects of these therapies are twofold: it allows your body to condition itself effectively against further compression, and it can allow you to manage pain better. It can also help treat injuries arising from spinal stenosis, like tears in the ligament or active trauma to the spinal column.

2. Improvements to posture

Another culprit behind spinal stenosis (or any spine-related condition) is poor posture. This is a more manageable issue that can be dealt with in a variety of ways since poor posture is a common issue that many people face daily. While you can certainly tackle poor posture by yourself, for cases of spinal stenosis, it’s better to do it with professional help.

3. Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise can be considered for patients that have spinal stenosis who are also overweight. Because additional fat in the body presses down on the spine and makes it support more weight, it aggravates spinal stenosis and may even lead to the condition developing.

4. Alternative treatments like chiropractic appointments and acupuncture

Whether it’s due to cost, lack of access, or terrible experience with medical treatments, more people are looking for alternative and complementary medicine to treat spinal stenosis. Two of these procedures include chiropractor appointments and acupuncture.

Manage your back pain with the SOS PHYSIO Rehab

As with all degenerative disorders, the best way to prevent spinal stenosis from getting worse is early detection and living a lifestyle that lowers your risk for developing it. With regular checkups, everyone has a chance of managing this condition once it’s been detected. Even older patients can live a fairly normal life with physical therapy and the right medication.

SOS Physio Rehab can help diagnose, treat, and manage your back pain effectively with our personalized treatment plans and highly trained medical staff.

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