Relation of neck pain with blood pressure

Relation of neck pain with blood pressure

The blood pressure is one of the major brain functions controlled by the brain along with many other functions, and neck musculature helps in controlling the blood pressure by sending neural signals to the brain. Therefore, the blood pressure also changes as we switch positions from lying to sitting or standing position & vice versa.

Patients suffering from neck pain might have high chances of high blood pressure as the neck muscles send signals to brain for normal blood pressure functioning. But due to neck stiffness or neck pain, these neural signals can eventually lead to a high blood pressure. According to a research, it shows that neck muscles functioning via the neural connection between the neck and brain, could be playing a major role in blood pressure changes and altered neural signaling from the neck which can lead to blood pressure alteration.

Alleviating neck pain using physical therapy can potentially result in reduced blood pressure, and hence quality of life can be improved as the regular exercises can also be performed without any neck pain symptoms. The slight increase in the blood pressure can reduce the life expectancy; therefore any measure to reduce it should be taken.

Being a serious issue, blood pressure should be monitored on regular basis (hourly, daily and weekly basis). Along with exercise and physical therapy, dietary and lifestyle changes should also be taken into consideration to reduce the neck pain and stiffness. Overall health and fitness should be improved or else these issues can recur. Physical therapy at SOS PHYSIO Rehab can help avoid medicines but in case of regular high blood pressure, medications should be taken under direct doctor’s supervision.

Precautions and Management 

  • Physical therapist helps in managing your breathe while performing exercises. Postural or orthostatic hypotension is another blood pressure related issue where there is a sudden fall in blood pressure due to changes in posture hence, guidance of professional is necessary. Neck pain and stiffness might be the reason that neural signals required for blood pressure control are unable to reach the brain and consequently there is a failure in maintaining a steady blood pressure. Mostly, this problem happens while moving the neck.
  • Perform neck exercises regularly so that neck muscles are stronger and neck region is less sensitive. The decrease in neck pain will help in bringing down the blood pressure as well.
  • Sudden change in position should be avoided. Sudden changes in neck position might lead changes in blood pressure, especially if you are suffering from neck pain and stiffness.
  • Take medications for your blood pressure issue, if needed, under the supervision of a doctor/physician.
  • Some better improvements & changes in your lifestyle should be adapted. Also, maintain a good mental health as stress due to any psychological problems like anxiety and depression could release stress hormones in the body and thereby, the blood pressure and heart rate can be impacted.
  • Managing old injuries, i.e., Whiplash injuries of the neck are also associated with the alterations in blood pressure. Hence, physical therapy treatment should be taken to treat whiplash injuries & maintaining the blood pressure issues as well.

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