Relation of TMJ with headaches

Relation of TMJ with headaches

Temporomandibular Joint

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are the 2 joints that connect your lower jawbone to your skull. To be specific, they are the joints that slide & rotate in front of each ear which consist of the mandible (the lower jaw) and the temporal bone (the side & base of the skull). The joint is supported by various muscles located under the jaw, in the cheeks, & up the temple area. These muscles then connect to the muscles in the chest and shoulders. When the mandible and the joints structures (muscles, ligaments, disk, jaw bone, temporal bone) are not aligned, nor synchronized in movement, several problem may occur.

How is the TMJ related to headaches or even migraines?

When we have a headache, we might not think that there is some dysfunction in the jaw. This dysfunction is typically called temporomandibular disorder. The muscles of the TMJ run along your jaw and cheeks, and any tension or distraught in these set of muscles can cause pain in the temple area, headaches & even migraine.

Signs TMJ Is Causing Your Headache

  • Clicking & popping sound from mouth
  • Pain in ears & other parts of the face
  • Difficulty & pain while chewing
  • Abnormality in bite
  • Difficulty in jaw movements
  • Teeth clenching
  • Pain in TMJ
  • Ringing sound in ears & hearing loss
  • Jaw movements triggering headaches

How can Physical Therapy at SOS PHYSIO Rehab help?

Physical therapy of SOS PHYSIO Rehab can evaluate the underlying cause and may use various treatments for your TMD. These treatments are designed to decrease inflammation and pain, improve posture, improve jaw mobility, and help you regain normal function of your jaw. Physical therapy treatments may include many potential methods for rehabilitating your joint.

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