Some tips for running in cold weather by SOS Physio Rehab

Some tips for running in cold weather by SOS Physio Rehab

It’s the end of the year and winter is upon us! This means temperature drops that many of us runners love after a hot and humid summer or a mild fall, but it also means we need to adapt and change so we can continue enjoying our run. Here are few tips to help keep you feeling great running outside as the frost sets in:

Cover your ankles up in the cold weather to help prevent Achilles tendonitis. The cold can make your tendons tense or tighten, so keeping this particular area warm can help prevent injuries while running.

Dress like how you will feel about 10 minutes during the run, you should be chilly starting off your run. This must seem self explainatory, but if you dress too warm and start getting hot and sweaty you are going to be uncomfortable during your run.

Wear reflective items- If your running routine is early in the morning or late evening you will find yourself out there in the dark in the fall and winter. It is imperative that drivers can see you so now it is the time to make sure you have something reflective or bright on you for your safety.

Gradually increase your pace to help warm up your muscles and prevent injury. Being dressed for your fall / winter run means you might start off feeling a little cold. Do not go too fast without giving yourself a little warm up! As stated before, the cold will make your tendons and muscles a little tight so they need to be warmed before you can expect them to perform. Give your body that comfort of a warm up and you will be happy to avoid injuries.

Stretching tight muscles after your run is the best way to end it. We all know we should stretch, but it feels like fall and winter days are shorter and who has that extra time? My advice is of course, take the time to stretch after your run! Remember stretching one is better than none.

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