Suffering from Sciatic Pain

Suffering from Sciatic Pain

What is sciatica?

Sciatica describes conditions such as numbers, weakness, tingling, or the pain which travels down the sciatic nerve, which goes down the back of the leg all the way till the heel. The sciatic nerve provides the muscles in the back of the leg and also supplies sensation in the back of the leg, calf, & heel. Sciatic pain, or sciatica, is not a medical condition on its own. Basically it is a symptom of another problem or issue causing irritation in the nerve.

What causes sciatica? 

Common reasons for sciatica include: degenerative changes to the lumbar spine or spinal stenosis; lumbar disc herniation/bulging disc; or tightness in the hip muscles compressing the nerve, specifically the piriformis muscle. Other cases of sciatica include blood clots, obsesses, tumors, pelvic fractures or injury to the pelvis. 

What are the symptoms of sciatica? 

Sciatic pain causes symptoms in the hips and below that can be described as numbness, a burning sensation and achiness. There can also be weakness which develops in the hamstrings, gluteals and calves. Mostly the pain occurs when standing up after prolonged sitting, bending backward, when walking or while sleeping.

How can a physical therapist at SOS PHYSIO Rehab help?

Our expert physical therapists at SOS PHYSIO Rehab can fully access the lumbar spine, as well as the hips and pelvis, to determine more accurately what is causing the sciatic symptoms. In addition to that, they can help educate and develop movement patterns that will prevent sciatica nerve symptoms from returning. Lastly, physical therapists can assist with pain management and help return you to normal activity.

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