Treat Hip Pain with Physical Therapy

Treat Hip Pain with Physical Therapy

If you are experiencing hip pain while walking, lifting or climbing stairs then you may be experiencing hip pain due to a specific injury or a long term problem. As we get older the cartilage around the hip starts to wear out, this can lead to severe pain. While surgery is sometimes needed to correct the problem, many hip problems are best managed with physical therapy first.

SOS PHYSIO Rehab Expertise in following problems-

Regardless of whether you are having surgery or trying to avoid more invasive treatment for your hip pain, SOS PHYSIO Rehab can help. Our team of physical therapists will guide you through a rehabilitation program to help. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best experience possible and the best result at the end.

Some of the most common hip injuries we see and treat include:

  • Hip muscle strains or tendinitis
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Hip labral tear
  • Hip replacement surgery rehabilitation
  • Hip Impingement (FAI) 
  • Hip injuries due to workplace or auto accidents

Treatment at SOS PHYSIO Rehab

Hip pain is often the result of too much pressure and not enough support from surrounding muscles. Advancing arthritis can cause extreme pain and problems in walking.  Hip pain can also be affected by the type of support from your shoes or too much impact to your body when running or other strenuous activities.

There are several ways to treat hip injuries including-

  • Low impact exercises designed to ease your body back into physical exercise
  • Special soft-tissue treatments to stretch muscles and surrounding tissue and laser treatment to reduce pain
  • Strengthening exercises and stretches to work the muscles and ligaments and increase circulation and strength in these areas
  • Orthotics specially designed to work with the curves in your feet and provide the best support for your hips, knees, back and ankles when running, walking or doing any other physical activity

Hip pain can impact the rest of your life and in some instances can prevent you from working and from participating in daily activities that you love. Don’t let hip pain prevent you from doing the things that you love.

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