Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

Cerebral palsy is a neuro-muscular disorder that affects an individual’s ability to control their movements and maintain balance & posture, so cerebral palsy rehabilitation treatments should begin during early childhood. These treatments improve muscle control and help a child develop confidence.

Cerebral palsy can affect child’s mobility, posture, overall independence, and co-ordination. Child has more trouble communicating, concentrating, and participating in learning exercises, so they cannot complete a lesson. These physical and mental impairments are known to cause cerebral palsy learning disability in children.

Signs of cerebral palsy and learning disabilities in children-

  • difficulty in communicating with others; also trouble in understanding others
  • very slow or delayed language skills
  • problems with reading, writing, spelling, and counting.
  • issues in following directions

If you see these signs of cerebral palsy impact on learning of your child, it is better to consult with their pediatrician for further evaluation. The earlier you identify their learning disability, the sooner you can manage these disabilities and set your child up for success.  

Physical therapy is often recommended as the first step in treating cerebral palsy as it will help in improving motor skills and can prevent movement problems from getting worse over time. Physical therapy implements strength and flexibility exercises, heat treatment, massages and special equipment to give children with cerebral palsy more independence.

To maximize the child’s likeliness to learn and develop their ability to the best they can, there should be the right combination of medicine, therapy, equipment and tools, medical supervision, and surgery. Although, child with milder case may only require some physical therapy to treat the condition.

If your child or someone you love needs professional help in dealing with the cerebral palsy impact on learning, please get in touch with SOS PHYSIO Rehab.

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