Get relief with Physical therapy for Flat Feet

Get relief with Physical therapy for Flat Feet

Get relief with Physical therapy for Flat Feet

Are you having flat feet?

Flat feet can be caused by various factors, including genetics, age & weight. Flat feet can result in painful issues that make it difficult for you to engage in the activities you enjoy regularly.

If you have flat feet, a physical therapist can treat and recommend simple changes to your lifestyle, including muscle lengthening & strengthening exercises, posture building exercises, in order to engage and strengthen the feet and legs. Also, physical therapist may recommend certain kinds of insoles and shoes which can raise your arch, improve your posture, and help improve your core.

It is important to know the impact on your body when you don’t have an arch in your feet. Also, flat feet issues become severe with age.

Those with flat feet should consult with a physical therapist to determine what treatment methods would be best to relieve pain and improve body mechanics

Causes of Flat Feet

  • Due to genetics
  • Wearing shoes with no proper arch support
  • Weight gain issues
  • Diabetes
  • Wearing heels frequently Stretched/ruptured tendons
  • Birth abnormalities
  • Pregnancy

Why are foot arch so important?

Arches on our feet provide elasticity and flexibility, causing the middle of the foot to spread and contract. Arches absorb shock and contribute to the strength and balance of the foot.

Arches also aid in the distribution of weight evenly across the entire foot. When the foot is flat, the rest of the body has to compensate for the lack of arch, putting additional strain on the feet, knees, and back, causing inflammation and pain.

Why not to ignore pain from flat feet?

One should not ignore foot pain, especially when it’s due to the absence of an arch. The condition is likely to worsen as you grow old. Walking or other activities may become more challenging, the balance of your body may get affected, and you may feel pain in different areas such as joints, muscles, & tendons. Other painful problems may start, including bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, and blisters. Athletes will experience shin splints and fractures, and their overall health is affected.

How can physical therapy at SOS PHYSIO Rehab help?

Physical therapists at SOS PHYSIO Rehab will analyze your symptoms to identify any health issues. They will explain how the feet are the foundation of the entire body and how maintaining their strength will help alleviate pain throughout the body, including ankle, knee, and back pain.

Your physical therapist will prescribe the necessary treatments for your specific needs. It may include footwear with substantial arch support, insoles to relieve foot pressure, daily stretching exercises for both the feet and legs, ice therapy to reduce inflammation, physical therapy to correct walking patterns, and even ankle braces or injections are some common ways to treat flat feet.

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