Osteoporosis condition

Osteoporosis condition

Ageing is natural, in this process; bones tend to ‘degenerate’ with time. Osteoporosis can be seen in older people; more rapid in women post menopause but also older men significantly. Osteoporosis is the result of rapid bone loss & generally the process is silent and progressive.

Why people develop osteoporosis?

Reasons simply includes age, gender and lifestyle, although there are also other factors causing damage too such as vitamin D deficiency, lack of calcium intake and physical inactivity.

Any form of physical exercise strengthens bone and activate your muscles. Physical therapy is one best aid towards bone strengthening .More so, it can prevent bone thinning, helping you gain strength and increase your endurance.

Physical therapist helps you find activities that suit your body type, making way to a healthy life. Older adults should generally be following low to medium impact activities such as walking, yoga and upper & lower body strength gaining & activation exercises. Depending on the stage of degeneration moderate to high impact activities like walking, jogging, cycling and set of some resistance strengthening exercise prescribed by a physical therapist can be followed by young adults ageing towards 40s-50s who are at risk of developing early bone density loss therefore these exercises prevent bone fragility.

A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D are recommended to prevent osteoporosis, foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties such as –

  • Tomatoes, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Green leafy vegetables- spinach & kale
  • Nuts -almonds & walnuts
  • Fruits – Oranges & all kinds of berries also, make sure your body gets enough sunlight, which can also boost vitamin D.

Physical therapists help you with exercises which can improve mobility, endurance and functional ability. We at SOS PHYSIO Rehab help you manage the symptoms by prevention and lifestyle modification by guiding you through various exercises and activities that are beneficial for you.

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