Spinal Cord Injury Physical therapy

Spinal Cord Injury Physical therapy

Spinal Cord Injury Physical therapy

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a disease characterized by damage to the cells and nerves that receive and send brain signals to the rest of the body. SCI can result from direct injury to the spinal cord or damage to its surrounding tissues and bones.

Most SCIs are caused by a sudden, distressing blow to the vertebrae, and the fractured, broken bones then damage the spinal cord and its nerves. There can be a few cases when an injury can entirely severely split the spinal cord.

An injury can cause the loss of important spinal cord functions, especially if the nerves fail to communicate with the brain. These functions of the spinal cord include:

  • Controlling body movements through signals from the brain to the other body parts. Functions also include directing autonomic or involuntary functions such as heartbeat, breathing rate, and bladder and bowel functions.
  • Managing your reflexes. The spinal cord also controls some things you do automatically in response to a stimulus, without conscious thoughts, and these are called reflexes.
  • Reporting senses to your brain. Signals from different body parts are delivered to the brain to record and process sensations like pain and pressure.

When your spinal cord gets damaged, it can affect the following:

  • bladder and bowel functions (intestinal)
  • heart rate
  • breathing
  • muscle movement
  • reflexes
  • metabolism (the process of converting food to energy)

Currently, there is no cure yet for spinal cord injury. Complete SCI is usually permanent; incomplete SCI may allow movement and daily function improvement over time. Spinal cord injury physical therapy can help rehabilitate the patient; the process works because it promotes neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is a surprising occurrence in which the brain and spinal cord can recover from injury and obtain functions again after losing it.

Physical therapy treatment for a patient with a spinal cord injury should start as soon as the injury happens. People with SCI can benefit from the rehabilitation services of a physical therapy clinic with specialists in neurological physical therapists.  

It is important to note that spinal cord injury can have a life-changing effect on you and your loved ones. The good news is that SOS PHYSIO Rehab has experienced and specialist neurological physical therapists who know that if you suffer from a damaged spinal cord; you will have to face considerable challenges in your life. SOS PHYSIO Rehab is committed to helping you maximize your potential by setting short, and long-term individualized treatment goals.  

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