Why Low Back Pain?

Why Low Back Pain?

Your spine is a major part of the body that requires proper posture, flexibility, strength & coordination in order to support you. When one of these areas is compromised, your spine can send out painful responses that settle in other parts of the body. Lower back pain is one of the most common types of pain that almost every adult experience at some point in their lives. But some of the times the source of pain is linked to another part of the body.

Do you slouch during the work at your desk? If so, this may cause pain in the neck and that pressure radiates down to the shoulders. Or maybe you’ve experienced whiplash in the past from an accident or injury that sparks stings of pain once in a while. The pain you feel in your low back could also be related to the pain felt in your neck.

How? When you slouch or compensate for proper alignment in your spine, your back muscles have to work twice as hard to keep you from falling forward. To put it into perspective – your head weighs about 10-12 pounds, so your spine is in overdrive trying to balance out one area of the body which puts a strain on another. Try sitting up straighter and notice if this makes a difference in easing any pain or tension in your body throughout the day.

If you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, or a combination of both, our physical therapists at SOS PHYSIO Rehab are here to help create a personalized treatment plan while evaluating your muscle and joint discomfort. Physical therapy can help avoid surgery so we’re dedicated to longer one-on-one patient visits specialized to your needs. Our highly trained physical therapists can relieve your discomfort so you can start moving better again.

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